A Gorgeous Secret that Coorg cannot keep anymore

by Sixth Element, on Mar 7th, 2019

The dreamy serenity, the beautiful green expanse and the generously virtuous river Kaveri flowing regally through the backyards of Coorg have been carrying a beautiful secret in its heart for a long time now. But with every passing day it seems to have become more and more difficult to contain the glory of the secret, because who has successfully been able to hide the light beaming from a lamp?

There’s a Sixth Element found ingrained in the spirit of Coorg, the Sixth Element that is a harmony of the other 5 elements of nature, the one that brings them together in a perfect union. But, what is this Sixth Element? Why is it mystical? Why is it Coorg’s best kept secret? And why can’t it remain a secret anymore?

Well, Sixth Element is a luxury resort situated in the heart of Coorg, embracing all its goodness. Lush greenery for as far as you can see; a serenity that can bring calm into a chaotic life, so much so, that when you sit still with yourself for 5 mins, the only sound you can hear are of your own thoughts. It is adventurous, spiritual and romantic all at the same time.

Adventurous, because it is drenched in the valour of Coorg, the land that has given best of its sons and daughters to protect the honour of our country, and for it being a gold mine of fierce hockey players. You are engulfed by a spirit of pride when you take in the air.

Spiritual, because it helps you find yourself, keeps you rooted yet gives you wings to let your mind wander in gay abandonment and see everything you have ever desired.

Romantic, it’s not just romantic, but dangerously so. Sixth Element is already situated in one of the most romantic locations that ignites a natural romance within you. If you add to that the marvellously created surroundings to enhance the romance quotient, you’ve found yourself a paradise.

Luxury cottages with private pools that are open to the sky to swim with the stars, yet absolutely protects your privacy. The cottages are architecturally so beautiful that it’s a holiday in itself. But, the resort has reserves of activities like river rafting, trekking, camping, fishing, jungle safari, plantation tour, elephant interaction, off-roading and much more.

Another memorable feature of the resort is its restaurant, “The Harvesters”, starting from design and interiors of the place to the food served, it’s close to divinity. The acclaimed chefs have a pulse of the patron and serve dishes that are stimulating in many ways. From continental to local delicacies, everything that is served is prepared from local produce and love as the base ingredient. While you’re enjoying your meal, if you hear the sound of anklets dancing around you, it’s the benevolent Kaveri, making her way through the terrain like a Diva why not!

If Coorg had to hold that secret in her heart anymore, she would burst at the seams because it’s like the mother’s milk… The Sixth Element was conceived so it could bring to the forefront, the glory of Coorg to be appreciated, celebrated and enjoyed by all.

If you have the heart for adventure, or you are the spiritual kind, or a hopeless romantic, the Sixth Element will fulfil your deepest desires.