Coorg – An Enthralling Monsoon Destination!

by Sixth Element, on May 31st, 2019

Coorg, which is situated amongst the beautiful hills of the Western Ghats offers a slow, quaint, old-fashioned way of life and the touch of rain adds a dash of exuberance to the whole atmosphere. Thick fog that turns it into a mystery land, cool breeze that gives a chill, the thrill of experiencing the hot beverages, and the rains that clears the thick fog cover to unravel the vast lush green landscapes that seems never ending are just a few reasons why you should head to Coorg—The Scotland of India—during the mesmerizing monsoon.

Monsoon in Coorg has its different charm making it the most romantic season of all and a perfect spot for the beloved ones to share the warmth of friendship and love. Foggy conditions and cold weather make this little town swell in full glory which is a sheer delight to watch. Get to experience the splendor of nature and the essence of luxury at Sixth Element Resort which brings to you an amalgamation of serenity and modernization in one. As you step in, you are greeted by the plush green and tranquil surroundings that immediately brings comfort to your body and mind. The captivating decor of the cottages combined with the peaceful atmosphere gives the sensation of heaven on earth. The exotic monsoon showers with the soothing allure of nature only add to creating a charming and romantic ambiance to make your holiday even more memorable.

Coorg is an ideal romantic destination with the most perfect romantic setup for lovebirds. Enveloped with passionate atmosphere during the monsoon season, this beautiful town boasts of a picture perfect beauty that is just spectacular. Long walks in the coffee plantations with an invigorating aroma of coffee and the breath taking views of the alluring mountains with sky-kissing tress that are soaked in the fog is sure to nourish your senses. The intermittent rains add to this beauty as they turn these surrounding into a fairyland and making it a photographer’s delight.

For the adrenaline junkies, monsoon is the best season in Coorg for numerous adventure sport activities. When the rain comes, it brings out the best in some of the off-road trails. This is the season in which river-rafting,kayaking, canoeing, quad biking,etc is undertaken in a full swing.While the trekkers & bikers show their daredevilry by soaking themselves in the rains that lash from every side throughout the day, the nature lovers can seek tranquility in this mesmerizing place.

Immerse yourself in nature’s splendor at Sixth Element Resort. Boasting of luxurious private pool cottages with charming interiors, exquisite fine-dining restaurant with the view of the long flowing rivers of Kaveri, the resort is set on a lush green landscape and dreamy serenity making it the perfect stay of choice during the monsoons. One hardly care about the rains here as they are busy creating beautiful memories with their beloved ones.