Every Storm is followed by a rainbow

by Sixth Element, on Sep 5th, 2019

If you have shied away from monsoons to plan your travel fearing that unpredictable rains would disrupt a good holiday, it is time to re-think and re-evaluate your plans. When the rains come they make their presence felt in no small measure. But the thought of relaxing by the window of your luxurious cottage while sipping some freshly brewed coffee alongside makes monsoon an interesting time to travel.

Adorned with large valleys of coffee estates and aromatic spice plantations, Coorg is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. While this little town is an all-year-round destination, monsoon is the best time to visit Coorg as the town is drenched with the beautiful drops of rain, and the lush-green plantations that offer enchanting experience.

While in Coorg, besides its magnificent beauty, one can have their first hand experience of a coffee plantation and see the various stages that coffee seeds go through before getting into our cup. Many coffee estates have opened up their homes to tourists, you are welcome to experience the native life and hospitality.

There's something here for the adventure junkies as well! with numerous options for off-road activities, one can enjoy the lavish green mountains, thick forest, gushing rivers and the uneven, unexplored elephant grasslands. Coorg is one of the prime places to experience the best of what mother nature has to offer in the heart of western ghats. Coorg puts on its most beautiful display during monsoon with its thick fog that turns it into a mystery land, cool breeze that gives a chill and the rains that clears the thick fog covering to unravel the vast lush green landscapes that seems never ending, these are just a few experiences that one can enjoy as a result of bravery against rain.

For all those mortals brave enough to indulge themselves in the after effects of rain, Sixth Element cottages awaits you! Boasting luxurious private pool cottages with charming interiors, exquisite fine-dining restaurant with the view of the long flowing river Kaveri, the idle setting is on a lush green landscape and dreamy serenity making it the perfect choice of stay.

And for those looking forward to experience exceptional delicacies while enjoying the beauty of rain we got you covered with The Harvesters restaurant at Sixth Element. Combining delectable native flavours along with the best of world cuisine that are soulfully prepared by our chefs that are complemented by the elegant, tranquil ambiance of the restaurant.

Come Enjoy the beauty of monsoon with Sixth element! Make an everlasting memory, gain a sense of satisfaction and the chance to paint a beautiful scenic experience with your own words.