Farm to Fork: Sixth Element Takes a Step towards Empowering the Rural Community

by Sixth Element, on May 7th, 2019

Coorg isn’t just a beautiful travel destination for wanderers and tourists, it’s becoming a hub for rural farmers to enhance their farming skills. In recent times, Coorg has not only experienced the growth of several luxury hotels and restaurants but also the need for fresh food items for both the residents of the place and the travellers.

The agricultural landscape of Coorg is phenomenal with local farmers farming on a varied range of crops including paddy, pepper, coffee, banana, ginger, areca nut, cardamom, clove and many more horticultural crops. Several farmers are involved in coffee and tea plantation that is regarded as one of the popular farming trades in Coorg.

But even after great prospects for the farmers of Coorg, there are many among such farmers who are regularly facing troubles sustaining their livelihoods and their families. Several farmers are forced to shift towards urbanization which eventually becomes a major problem for the farmers to survive. Given this dilemma among the local farmers of Coorg, Sixth Element decided to take a step towards empowering the farming community with some wonderful collaborations which are turning beneficial for both.

As a luxurious and high-end resort, Sixth Element has found an innovative way to not only help the local farmers sustain themselves but to also bring a healthy and fresh twist to the cuisines prepared at their restaurant. Sourcing the best and freshest ingredients grown locally in various parts of Coorg, Sixth Element aims to bring the richness of natural ingredients directly to the consumers without affecting the farmers.

As more and more farmers come across employment opportunities through local farming, there will be higher chances of retaining them and the rural culture as well. The local people and farmers of Coorg are well aware of the kind of fruits, vegetables and other crops that are harvested in the land of rich natural diversity.

Blessed with rich soil that is abundant with nutrients and minerals, Coorg takes pride in its ability to harvest a diverse range of vegetables. With the help of the local farmers and people, Sixth Element wants to create a harmonious space where the natives will be helped with their work while giving the guests and diners more reasons to visit the Harvester restaurant for delightful and healthy cuisines.

The local farmers can not only benefit from this collaboration with Sixth Element but also help in retaining the age-old rural cultures that define the traditions of Coorg. This “farm to fork” initiative is a winning combination where the farmers can get reliable support for their farming techniques while the diners can experience some flavoursome dishes.