Give yourself the best gift… Raise a glass to Rekindling Lives!

by Sixth Element, on Feb 27th, 2021

The universal truth of the year 2020 is that it has been testy... it pushed us to the limits of every known emotion, fear, frustration, sadness, anger, disbelief, doubt, and everything in-between. But, we lived through it cautiously and survived... that’s the ultimate take-home. Frankly, if we didn’t have that, there would be nothing left.

The fear that crept into our heads might have stayed! It is natural. We were struck by an extraordinary adversary that kept us stuck in doubt, in our homes. But let’s not get stuck in our own heads… Let’s go out and find our own freedom.

One way to set ourselves free and reclaim the lost freedom is to put ourselves on the road and travel… it opens up the minds and hearts. Try it, set out, mark a location on the map, someplace your heart craves for, a place that can make you believe you can spread your wings and fly, even with a mask and sanitizer… you can really fly! Find a place like that and travel there.

Sixth Element Resort

Let me give you a hint… Is there a better paradise to travel to and recapture memories of a stronger world, than Coorg? A place like Coorg can give you that affirmation and refill you with hope.

Sixth Element Resort

A little further inside that paradise is a little piece of tranquility called “The Sixth Element”, ensconced in all the beauty nature has showered on Coorg. The Sixth Element is the spirit that lights up when embraced by the goodness of the 5 elements of nature.

A luxury resort in the middle of inviting greenery as far as you can see, with an intimate view of river Kaveri flowing onwards in all its glory. Beautiful cottages with private pools, flowers whispering sweet nothing into your ears, and birds chirping… all laid down for your heart to take a leap. A perfect location that feels like heaven when your life needs some perspective.

Sixth Element Resort
Sixth Element Resort

When the affection showered by the surroundings has cured your soul… there’s something for your body, The Harvesters. The multi-cuisine, fine-dine restaurant inside the premises of Sixth Element. The native influences in the cooking with locally grown and sourced ingredients give you the soul-stirring experience you didn’t know you needed.

Gift yourself this amazing experience… it’s time to rekindle the passion we once had for life!