A Thrilling Trip Into The Wild

by Sixth Element, on Sep 27th, 2018

It won't be wrong to describe Coorg as the paradise of South India. One can finally escape from the city life insanity and de-stress here. With beauty on all its side, Coorg has more to offer than one can ever imagine. If you are looking for a vacation that has the blend of adventure and rejuvenation in it, then you have to come down to Coorg. You can be a part of a number of activities while you enjoy your stay amidst nature.

Venture out into the jungles of Coorg - The jungles of Coorg are renowned for their wildlife. It is a house for a variety of plant species and protects the animals that reside in it. Being in the jungle can give you the chills. The adventure that you will be surrounded with is beyond any doubt the best. Jungle Safari is a beautiful blend of Jeep Safari and the thrill that lies in every nook and corner of the jungle.

Nestled between the majestic mountains and captivating landscapes, Coorg is the place for every nature and adventure lovers. It has been known to the world for the breathtaking scenic beauty it possesses. Sixth Element, a classic resort in the midst of peace and serenity suits all your needs. Everything you want will be offered to you here - from fine dining to world class accommodations and thrilling adventures.

The management team at Sixth Element conducts jungle safaris for their guests on prior notice. You can either be in the depths of the jungle early morning or late afternoon. The timings are fixed to ensure visitors spot the different wild life. You will come across elephants, bears, deer, leopards, peacocks, bison, tigers and a variety of birds. Surround yourself with the joy that untamed animals bring in their natural habitat. Don't forget to take your binoculars because Coorg’s jungle has more than 270 species of birds. Come and be one with the rare and exotic beauty of the jungle.