Taste of Kodagu for every Palate

by Sixth Element, on Oct 3rd, 2019

Humour us for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine vast mountain ranges covered with velvety greenery, perpetual mists, cool breeze and the mild smell of coffee in the air. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? This is what awaits you in Kodagu or Coorg.

Coorg is known world-wide for its exotic landscape and idyllic lifestyle and is a must visit place for anyone who loves nature and tranquillity. Coorg is touted ‘the Scotland of India’ and continues to offer its marvels to guests year after year. October has arrived and the lovely monsoons have left the jade mountains bathed in fresh greenery. The wild life has found vigour and is at its most active period. The bounty received from rural farming is also ready to be harvested and relished. If you dream of visiting a place as lovely as the paradise, Coorg is the place to be.

‘Look deep into nature and, then you will understand everything better.’- Albert Einstein. If you have an urge to look deep within nature just like the famous scientist once did, head to Coorg as here, nature weaves magic with her mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife and the joyous natives. Watch and enjoy as life goes by in its pure and rustic form.

If solitude is what you look for in a vacation, privacy of the cottages at Sixth Element and pools that come with it will let you pamper your soul in the serenity and calmness of nature. Savour a piping hot cup of coffee by the misty windows of the resort’s private cottage, indulge in a dip in the private pool that come with the cottage and, revel in the warmth of love and friendship that life has to offer.

If you travel for food, our restaurant ‘the Harvesters’ is sure to satiate your senses and your soul. The authentic ‘Coorgi’ Cuisine cooked with produce and spices grown organically by the natives include both simple dishes like the ripe jackfruit steamed in fragrant banana leaves and also complex dishes like the spicy Koli Curry. You can also whet your appetite with international cuisines if that is what your heart desires.

If you have an adventurer in you, Sixth Element is also strategically located to give you access to activities that will get your blood rushing. You can go on a hike into the wild or go river rafting. As a nature buff, you can go camping, jungle safaris, plantation tour and can even enjoy some one on one time with the largest living pachyderm – the elephants.

Come, honour us with a visit at the Sixth Element Resort and when you leave, you will do so with a bunch of memories that will last you a lifetime.