The Astounding Land of Beauty Where Hockey Flourishes

by Sixth Element, on Nov 2nd, 2018

Kodagu is a district in the state of Karnataka. Located amidst the rugged hills, vast stretches of aromatic coffee plantations, pristine weather, luxuriant vegetation, and rich cultural background - Coorg also called as Kodagu has more to offer and make us feel proud about than we can imagine. The Kodavas, locals of this enchanting land are known for their love for hockey.

In the middle of the coffee plantations, the Kodavas unite every year around mid-summer to celebrate their passion and zeal for hockey. Very few people are aware of the fact that Kodava’s organize the largest field hockey tournament of the world. It has been going on for generations and several legendary players have represented India in International platforms from this part of Karnataka.

It is a spectacular affair where several hockey enthusiasts celebrate their love for hockey and fight for the honor and pride that is at stake.

As many as 3000 players enroll themselves in this traditional hockey playing festival. The festival lasts for a whole month, with 260 teams or families participating. Not only do State and National level players participate here but also Olympics winner find it amusing to be a part of it.

Keeping aside the beauty and maddening enthusiasm of the hockey lovers, it will actually be the large number of people who unite together that will fascinate you. There are no high stakes or large sums of money involved in this family hockey tournament. It is the spirit of the sport that brings everyone close.

The splendor of this amazing tournament has spread far and wide and ended up earning its place in the Limca Book of Records. Its renowned worldwide for being the longest and largest hockey festival. This festival is on the short list of Guinness Book of World Records. People from all over the world fly down to Coorg to experience the beauty of this game, every year.

It is heartbreaking that though our exceptional team qualified in Rio Olympics, we as Indians failed to show them the respect they deserve. The plight that hockey players in India face is nerve-wracking. However, there is still one community that is fighting its battles to keep the love and passion for Hockey alive. Majority of the hockey players in India hail from this small, warrior tribe in Coorg. It is time we appreciate our champions who have made us all proud, innumerous times.

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