Little Heaven In Coorg

by Sixth Element, on Sep 19th, 2018

Coorg or should we call it by its official name Kodagu? It happens to be one of the most appealing land in the whole of India. The magnetic charm of Coorg will captivate any soul that loves nature at its best. Smell the strong, delectable aroma of coffee in the air as you witness the beauty of the Western Ghats. This small hill station in Karnataka can't be overlooked. If you want to relax, unwind, and calm your senses, then Coorg is the place for you. It happens to be the paradise one would love to spend their days and nights in. If you are tired of the busy city life, then it is time to escape into the natural beauty of Coorg.

Wondering what to do when you are here? Camp under the beauty of the night sky or experience the thrill and adventure that River Rafting offers. You can venture out into the jungles, go on a jeep safari to check out the wild life in their natural habitat. If you wish to feel connected with the pristine and picturesque beauty of the untamed wild then now is the time to be in Coorg. Apart from all of this you can even trek the hills that encompasses Coorg on all the sides. There are plenty of ways in Coorg that you can enjoy and rejuvenate your soul. The joy of being in Coorg can't ever be completely described in words. That's why it is time you visit Coorg and see what we are talking about.

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Come and experience the unspoilt beauty that is eagerly awaiting your arrival.