Native Collaboration

Long before the word “conservation” was coined, natives developed highly effective measures for maintaining the richness of their environment. They have sophisticated knowledge which was shared for generations codes of conservation to stop overhunting and preserve biodiversity. Even the most respected “tribals” – including Yeravas, the Uppar and the Dombas – are the ancestral communities of large sect of tribes people, who nurtured and protected their environments for many generations.

In the advent of logical life & the influence of technology man's greed has found no boundaries. The divine knowledge of nature is being forgotten and ignored rather chasing the colours of vinyl life of the city. We at Sixth Element dreaming to change this tide by reviving the lost knowhow of the nature simultaneously instilling hope & confidence in the young & youth of the villages in the vicinity. Rest assured when you are here you will experience the forgotten shades of mankind in this part much acclaimed western ghats.