The beauty and boons of organic farming

by Sixth Element, on Oct 16th, 2018

The beauty of nature is more than it meets the eye. Every life form depends on it for their survival. And, organic farming is a technique where one works with nature to produce a variety of agricultural goods rather than destroying it for monetary gains. This particular form of farming strictly prohibits the use of pesticides, insecticides, and other chemical fertilizers that can deteriorate the quality of the soil, organism, food products, and the environment in whole. Eco-balanced farming works with a whole new philosophy, the farmers tend to the natural needs of the land and harvest its fruits all the while maintaining a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth.

Why is it necessary to choose the path of organic farming?

  • A soil that is brimming with organic matter, reduces the cost of irrigation and enhances the productivity.
  • Organic farming uses absolutely no pesticides and herbicides, all of this works wonders for the endangered and rare plant species, birds, animals, and insects. In short organic farming encourages and promotes biodiversity.
  • The level of pollution that the world and all its beings are facing reduces to a significant amount.
  • With the help of organic farming we can finally promise our future generations, a healthy and sustainable way of life.
  • It is the only way to save the world from the clutches of Global warming. Every one of us is familiar with this scary term that threatens our existence. When we choose organic farming, the rate at which climate is changing eventually stops.

Organic farming and Sixth Element walk in hand in hand to create a self-sufficient environment. We understand the urgency that the world is currently facing and choose to help farmers who are involved with organic farming. Everything that our renowned chefs prepare are hand-picked from eco-balanced farms. The impeccable taste that all our dishes represent is a classic sign of the kind of fruits, vegetables, and spices that are used. We are heavily invested in protecting our soil, the organisms that make it their home, and every one of us who are depended on it. Not only do we understand the importance of nature, but we do everything in our power to serve Mother Nature. Sixth Element chooses the path of sustainability to show its respect for all that nature has blessed us with.