The Harvesters

In Harmony with Elements

With its extraordinary position at the edge of magnificently flowing river Kaveri and its elegant yet informal atmosphere, distinguished by a magnificently illuminated ceiling and traditional native lamps, the Harvesters Restaurant at Sixth Element offers a menu of contemporary international specialties, creatively combining popular native cuisines with full of heart & love by the home grown chefs from all over. Welcome to the only fine dining experience in Coorg.

The Harvesters

Native Farming

Apart from collaborating with native farming community, The Harvesters sources only the best quality foods, authentic flavours and organic fresh ingredients; our home grown chef along with the leadership personally hand pick all the local ingredients grown on the various small, medium and large estates across Coorg. These include even coffee berry honey naturally grown and harvested in the ranges of Western Ghats. It is simply gathered from hive to pot and served fresh in our restaurant.

The Harvesters

Estate's Backyard

Our spices are carefully chosen from spice growers in native regions of Coorg, who grows spices in their backyard of their estates for their own personal consumption or we even sources them direct from the organic farms in the Western Ghats where the rich soil is full of nutrients. Our fruit and vegetables are always fetched locally and are chosen depending on the season such as rich Oranges, beautifully ripened mangos, juicy tasty pineapple and so on. At Sixth Element, we avoid palm oil or dalda and uses only refined sunflower oil or organic vegetable oil sourced from neighbouring towns. Most of our recipes are cooked in coconut oil, widely known to be a super food with tons of health benefits or on guest's request we can also use palm sugar, which is rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

We don't like to say no for the ones who came to The Harvesters for food, throughout the day, guests can enjoy the regulated assorted menu from various regions of the world.